Source Detection

romancal.source_detection Package


SourceDetectionStep([name, parent, ...])

SourceDetectionStep: Detect point-like sources in image to create a catalog for alignment in tweakreg.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of romancal.source_detection.source_detection_step.SourceDetectionStep

romancal.lib.psf Module

Utilities for fitting model PSFs to rate images.


create_gridded_psf_model(path_prefix, filt, ...)

Compute a gridded PSF model for one SCA via CreatePSFLibrary.

fit_psf_to_image_model([image_model, data, ...])

Fit PSF models to an ImageModel.

dq_to_boolean_mask(image_model_or_dq[, ...])

Convert a DQ bitmask to a boolean mask.